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Heart Resonant Formulas High Frequency

Artisan Herbal Body Care

Uniquely formulated for your body, mind and spirit

Prepared using consciously sourced plants and oils

High frequency therapeutics found here 

Biodynamic Organic Regenerative

Effective Elevated Trusted 

Calming Soothing Amazing Lavender



Once these are gone, they're gone 

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Very Long Lasting Organic Lavender Sachets 

in a Variety of Colors,

Sizes and Attractive Styles 

Makes a Lovely Gift 

Use in Bedrooms, Closets, Drawers, Lockers, Gym Bags, Luggage, Shoes, Vehicles

and just about any space you'd like to freshen up a bit

and enjoy the relaxing aroma of Long Lasting Organic Lavender Blossoms 

Please view the product description to see actual  size of each type of sachet, sometimes the photos do not allow for true proportion. 


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