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Auntie Hilary’s Blackberry Elderberry Respiratory Syrup

Herb Wise Therapeutic Botanicals

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Seasonal offering 

please check back 💙

     250ml ( a little over 8 oz ) 

Amber glass bottle with tamper resistant cap

*Note : *IF the status is currently Sold Out:

This is a very small batch specialty item that tends to go quickly 

Auntie Hilary recommends pre ordering and you will be notified of next batch date, which are often but not always around the New Moon and sometimes Full Moon depending on celestial correspondence.

Interested in ordering ?

Please contact Hilary at 707 295 8053 to reserve for next batch offering 💜

The Elixir, in the Cobb Mountain Botanicals line is option for an Elderberry based formula to use as part of your immunity building lifestyle.

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