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The Sniffer Douglas Fir

Herb Wise Therapeutic Botanicals

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Essential Oil Inhaler 

Stylish eco friendly reusable essential oil inhaler fits in purse or pocket . Handy when you’d like a personal aromatherapy treatment to help with stress, a spinning mind, sinus congestion & sense of well being. Refresh your senses and calm your mind by clearing your airways 

Enjoy a reset anywhere anytime, even if you can’t get to a forest trail, bring the big green trees to you, literally right under your nose ! 

This consciously gathered and steam distilled Douglas Fir Essential Oil is carefully dispersed on a replaceable organic cotton insert in a reusable glass container. Additional inserts available.

Safe and loved by most children 7 and up

Testimonials have stated it has helped asthma symptoms to decrease as well as calmed the whirling child when grounding was needed.
A useful plant medicine goodie for any age these can be an empowering to have a tool in your pocket that you can pull out and shift your personal space , uplift your mood and support your respiratory system as well as immunity.

To use : Simply remove cap and wave under nose inhale and smile 

Like having your own mini magic wand !

” You see my dear, you had the power all along “ Glenda, Wizard of Oz 

 Note: refills are available upon request