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Magical Mist Yarrow Hydrosol

Herb Wise Therapeutic Botanicals

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Herb Wise Botanicals offers our own steam-distilled pure hydrosols (plant waters with their essential oils) from plants grown and gathered from the gardens and land right here on beautiful Cobb Mountain. All collected and distilled under celestial correspondence. 

Among it’s many attributes, Yarrow, the wounded warrior Herb, is known to support our energy fields with its golden light. Mist and shift your space

perfect for clearing space in your home, car, workspace and in between clients

Yarrow has a history of being used as an auric field strengthener and is associated with the planet Venus and the element of water.

Allow the golden shield of Yarrow’s light to wash over you and support your personal boundaries so you can more easily illuminate your true inner light.

   2 oz Cobalt Blue Glass bottle with spray mister top