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Lemongrass Room Refresher 2.5 oz

Herb Wise Therapeutic Botanicals

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Lemongrass Room Refresher 2.5 oz
Lemongrass Room Refresher 2.5 oz

Lively Lemongrass
Lemongrass is naturally anti-microbial, clearing germs and odors in the air organically. Lively Lemongrass Spray can be used as a clearing spray as it  contains Flower Essence for energetic protection from both environmental and emotional toxins. This a perfect spray for clearing your personal space or between clients whether you are a Realtor, Counselor or Body Work professional . Also useful as a tool to uplift and keep the vibes bright during gatherings, when hosting house guests or family events. Also serves as a travelers friend due to Lemongrass & its natural ability to detoxify your space. The proven effects of the Yarrow Flower Essences and the Himalayan Pink Salt are a welcomed treat after time spent on computer or  exposure to other EMF & electronic devices. Like many of the Herb Wise products, Lively Lemongrass Spray is Multi purpose & useful in most any situation, whether it be clearing potent odors in a kitchen or bathroom or as a an uplifting addition to yours and others personal care & mood. 

Looking for a hydrating Skin Refresher that can serve as a space clearing refresher as well ? Lovely Lavender , Wonderful Rose and the exocticly blissful,  Holy Neroli  

Ingredients:  Purified Mountain water, Organic Essential oil of Lemongrass, Himalayan Pink Salt,  Coconut emulsifier, Vibrational Essences for clearing environmental and emotional toxins